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Der Leonberger,(in German) by Hannelie Schmitt and Gerhard Zerle (President of the German Leonberger Club and the International Union of Leonberger Clubs), Veriagsgesellschaft, Rudolf Muller, Koln-Braunsfeld, 1982, completely rev.ed. 1996.

The Leonberger, (in English) by Guido Perosino, Available from the author or the LCA Leo Bowtique. See http:www.Leonberger.com/LCA or write Dr. Perosino, Guido Perosino, "il Cerreto" Via dei Colli, 20 06080 Bettona (Pg) Italy email: gp@darwin.it

Il Leonberger, (in Italian) by Guido Perosino, Giovanni De Vecchi, Milano, 1993.

Het houden van een Leonberger, een praktijkboek (in Dutch) by Ton Muller, The Netherlands, 1994. This book is available from the author at http://www.leonberger.cybercomm.nl/boek.html

The History of the Leonberger in Great Britain, (in English)by Larry Rahmer. Available from the Leonberger Club of Great Britain. (See above for contacts).

Leonbergerboken,(in Swedish) by Margareta Gustafson-Eskner and Ulrika Rogert., 1996, Available from the Swedish Leonberger Club (see above for contacts).

Leonberger,(in Czech) by Daniela Kuntová. Dona Press, Komenshého 37, 370 01, Czech Republic, 1994, ISBN # 80-900080-2-X.

The Leonberger,(in English) by Angela White, t.f.h. Books. England, 1998. Available from the Leonberger Club of Great Britain (see above for contacts) or from http://www.Amazon.co.uk/

"The Leonberger," Chapter 37 pp 141-144 of A Celebration of Rare Breeds,by Cathy J. Flamholtz, OTR Publications, PO Box 1243 Ft. Payne, Alabama.

A Practical Guide to Selecting a Large Dog,by Joan Palmer. Tetra Press, London, 1987


"The Leonberger, the golden-hearted lion dog." By Sharon Pfaumer in Dog World (USA), July 1996, pp. 14-22.

"The Leonberger", A special supplement in the The New Zealand Kennel Gazette,Vol.36, No.3 April, 1996.

"The Leonberger", in Dogs Monthly (UK) by Larry Rahmer, Vol. 16, No. 4, April 1998. Available from Tamaryn Hodge for the cover price and international postage. Email TamarynH@aol.com

A special issue of Der Hund (Germany) on the Leonberger celebrating the 150th anniversery of the founding of the breed. May, 1996.

The 1994 through 1998 editions of the Dogs USA Annual have full page announcements by the Leonberger Club of America in the Breed Gallery and a breed description in the USA Directory of Breeds.

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